We wonder if parents ever sit down with their sons to talk about rape. We wonder if they ever talk to them about consent and what not to do to girls because women are given many lessons from the time we are old enough to comprehend spoken words. You are taught to watch your drink […]


A HOUSE VISIT IS NOT CONSENT TO SEX. The code word for most men when they are asking for sex is, “visit me”They know that asking for sex openly puts them at the risk of being told no and that is why they would rather get you to their house first before they make their […]


Everyday our girls are being raped or sexually assaulted and most cases sadly go unreported. We all know that the few that get reported to the authorities are either not pursued by the police or the victim is advised to keep silent lest she disgraces her family or herself. Zimbabwe is still very much a […]


Throwing a teen pregnancy victim out of the house has never worked. Forcing a teen pregnancy victim to marry or simply go stay with the male responsible for the pregnancy has never yielded any positive result. Nothing has ever worked like having an instrospection-provoking dialogue with them. It’s as if a lot parents are tired […]

Women’s Rights and Awareness

The organisation conducted four weeks of online awareness training via its SheGlows & Zheera WhatsApp Groups focusing on GBV, Sexual Harassment, Law of Inheritance, and Awareness on Women’s Rights issues. These WhatsApp Groups with a total of 400 women from all over the country. The training covered the following topics: • Gender-based violence (GBV) • […]


The organisation hosted an Entrepreneurship Mentorship Training Workshop for three (3) months, with two meetings every month and daily WhatsApp discussions. The topics included company registration processes, growth strategies, and market research. Thirty-three (33) women participated in the workshop, and 17 managed to register their companies. The organisation continues to mentor women by engaging business […]

Mental Health

The organisation has conducted different mental health programmes for women. These programs include a one-day seminar on Emotional Healing, a one-month session titled “Tackling Mental Health Issues”, a one-month session titled “Mending Your Broken Self”, a three-month “Emotional Intelligence Mentorship” programme and a Facebook Live program on the “Alice Tagwira Show” page on “Dealing with […]

Women’s Health

The organisation has carried out several programmes on women’s health. These included a four-month women’s health program focusing on four topical issues: gynaecological malignancies, breast and cervical cancer awareness, HIV/STIs & STDs awareness, and Reproductive Health. Each programme was conducted for a month.     Testimonials The following testimonials reflect on the impact of our […]

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