The code word for most men when they are asking for sex is, “visit me”
They know that asking for sex openly puts them at the risk of being told no and that is why they would rather get you to their house first before they make their intentions known to you.

That wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t use the privacy of their homes to pressure and coerce women into sleeping with them. If they knew how to take NO as an answer it would not be such a bad thing but they usually know that they are not ready to hear no and they invite you anyway with the intention to sleep with you whether you like it or not.

That is rape. Even if the rape does not happen, that alone is a manipulative and predatory behaviour that men keep getting away with. Society is only invested in teaching women what to do to avoid rape while ignoring the education on consent that they should be giving to men.

At the age of young adulthood before young girls understand that they will spend most of their lives protecting themselves from men, they usually fall into the hands of rapists who lure them in by inviting them to lunch at their place. An innocent lunch that usually ends in an assault or a case of attempted rape.

You cannot fault girls for not knowing the extent of some men’s evil if the society around them keeps presenting men to them as protectors but you can fault men who take advantage of their naivety.

If you find yourself as a man asking a woman to come over for lunch knowing very well you are asking her to come over for sex then you are probably a rapist. Consent is a YES or No question. It is not assumed. It is not implied. It does not exist in blurred terms.

You always know when it is given directly and you always know when you have coerced or manipulated a woman into it.

Stop raping women

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