Creating an African Society of Empowered Women


A Brief about us

ZHEERA Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social change and justice for women and girls. Our mission is to create opportunities and platforms that positively transform and build a society that upholds their rights and empowerment. We aim to address the broad challenges faced by women at all levels, contributing to a more equitable and inclusive world.

Our Programs

Women's Rights & Awareness

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We conduct training programs and raise awareness on gender-based violence, sexual harassment, the law of inheritance, and women's rights issues. Our aim is to empower women with knowledge and resources to protect their rights and create a safer society.
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We offer mentorship and training workshops to support women in starting and growing their businesses. Our programs cover various topics such as business development, financial literacy, and market research, empowering women to become successful entrepreneurs.
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Mental Health

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We prioritize the mental well-being of women through seminars, counseling sessions, and mentorship programs. Our goal is to provide emotional support, build resilience, and promote mental wellness among women.
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