The organisation conducted four weeks of online awareness training via its SheGlows & Zheera

WhatsApp Groups focusing on GBV, Sexual Harassment, Law of Inheritance, and Awareness on

Women’s Rights issues. These WhatsApp Groups with a total of 400 women from all over the

country. The training covered the following topics:

• Gender-based violence (GBV)

• Sexual harassment

• Law of inheritance

• Awareness of women’s rights

The training was delivered by a legal expert in Zimbabwe who founded Shamwari YeMwanasikana.

The trainer used various training methods, including lectures, discussions, and exercises. The

training was well-received by the participants. The participants said they learned a lot about GBV,

sexual harassment, the law of inheritance, and women’s rights. They also said that they felt

empowered to take action to protect their rights.



The organisation developed a dedicated section on GBV-related issues to reflect on measures to

combat GBV in its quarterly magazine SheGlows Africa magazine, which is now working on its 8th

edition. The GBV articles reflect and highlight the organisation’s work to raise awareness of GBV, to

provide support to victims of GBV, and to advocate for policy change to prevent GBV.


The organisation has presented its work on women’s rights on different platforms, which include:

• Harare Polytechnical College

• GirlUP

• Rugare Community in Harare

The presentations highlighted the organisation’s work to provide access to empower women and

girls through education, end stigmatisation against single mothers through awareness campaigns,

and protect women’s rights by equipping them with




Women who benefited from the organisation’s work on women’s rights gave the following



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