Throwing a teen pregnancy victim out of the house has never worked.
Forcing a teen pregnancy victim to marry or simply go stay with the male responsible for the pregnancy has never yielded any positive result.
Nothing has ever worked like having an instrospection-provoking dialogue with them.

It’s as if a lot parents are tired of paying school fees for their girls and only waiting for the girls to misbehave so they can find something to excuse themselves. Many times, when a boy impregnates a girl, the girl automatically stops school. No, not for a while but for life. The boy gets scolded and that’s it. The dropping out of school, getting mocked by friends, getting bullied and thrown out by parents, the hunger, the “teach her a lesson”, are only on the girl. And this is sad.

We want a world where we do not throw girls out for falling pregnant as teenagers.
We want a world where parents do not stop being responsible parents simply because their child has fallen pregnant.
We want a world where falling victim of teen pregnancy is not automatic to permanently dropping out of school and selling oranges by the roadside.
We look forward to a society where getting pregnant is not automatic to marriage for these girls; parents should know that being able to get pregnant is not equivalent to being able to marry and live a healthy marital life.

“Oooh, if you don’t do this, other girls will be motivated to tread her path”
Please, since we started throwing teenagers out of homes, has there been a single year when we didn’t record thousands of new teen pregnancy? Infact, the communities known for throwing pregnant girls out record more number of teenage pregnancy yearly.

It simply shows that it doesn’t work. You refuse to sex-educate your girls deeply. You were always about “virginity is your dignity” And “if a man touches you, you will fall pregnant”, but when the end product of lack of adequate sex education comes in, boom! You jump up.
What’s that?

We can tell girls everything about sex without shying away from reality. We can let them know the scam of “prove your love by doing it with me”, we can let them know that they can love without involving their bodies; sex does not prove love. Arm them with all the information needed. And if any of them still falls pregnant, a deep conversation that can provoke reflection, self-examination, and self-questioning will do.


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