As far as we’re concerned, one of the greatest impediments to achieving gender equality is the systemic devaluing of domestic labor.
Men and women will look down on the millions of hours women spend on unpaid domestic labor work.
The fact that this burden is borne heavily by women all over the world is a major contributor to the poverty and disempowerment of women.
Maybe because we are not a society that pays wages by the hour but simply documenting how many hours women spend on cooking, cleaning and childcare, unpaid will give you an idea of just how much women lose.
It doesn’t help that this conversation is always drowned with manipulation and gaslighting of legitimate worries.
If a woman complains of unequal distribution of labor in the home, she’s mostly accused of not being loving enough or the more recent “kindness” chant. Like the compromise conversation, the pertinent question is why is the act of love, service and kindness heavily demanded from only one party?
Increasingly more and more women are stepping up to be part, equal or even more financial providers in homes but not enough men are stepping up to equitable sharing of domestic chores.
Housework is still predominantly women’s work.
You cannot live in a capitalist society where cash is king and demand women continue to bear the burden of unpaid but necessary labor alone. Why then will the majority of women not be impoverished and dependent?
What is the value of cooking and cleaning all through your most productive days?
How does it translate to money in your account?
What financial security does it provide for you in your old age?
Let’s talk!!!

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