ZHEERA encourages and strengthens collective social, economic, cultural, and environmental, peace and technological initiatives developed by women and youth themselves. It strives to remove obstacles to women and youth empowerment so that they have sustainable livelihoods and successful living standards.


Changing the lives of youth towards a positive lifestyle, and get a society in which the youth are able to facilitate their own development and their communities in general.


Build a youth-centered community through empowering under privileged youth in sports, skills training, education and participation in developmental processes.



- Awareness and research

- Promotion of health and environment 


- Atrs, culture and sports

- Peace initiatives 


- Job creation and entrepreneurship

- Community mobilisation


- Education and skills

It is a women and youth serving organization established to promote social change by giving women and young people opportunities to improve their communities and the world at large through developing skills and confidence, creativity, enterprise and education.We strive to create a future where women and young people are key drivers in facilitating life changing development initiatives within their communities.

Our heartfelt desire is to remove obstacles to youth empowerment so that they have sustainable livelihoods and successful living standards. Our vision is to positively transform and build a society in which young people are able to facilitate their own development. Our mission is to build a youth centered community through economic, social and academic empowerment.


  • To support youth undertake their own development
  • To unite and empower young people both socially and economically
  • To improve the youth creativity and access to information that can help to a positive transformation
  • To create environment that youth can participate in decision making
  • To promote awareness and wellbeing of young people by working towards promoting gender equality, youth rights, alleviating poverty, hunger and all forms of violence, through providing economic opportunities.
  • To conduct and encourage research on youth related issues



Email: info@zheeraassociation.org
Phone: +263 77 701 2977                    


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